Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Reception Halls in Houston TX

Hello Houston brides-to-be!  We all know that planning wedding receptions can cause serious anxiety. But it doesn’t have to.  That sounds much easier said than done, right?  Limiting stress comes down to a few important factors.  Firstly, the most important aspect of planning any type of wedding reception is to be focused and organized.  Don’t let things that are out of your control affect your mood or outlook.  Understand there will be setbacks.  But when you’re up there dancing with your new husband for the first time as husband and wife, everything will come into perspective for you.  And that is what it’s all about:  Perspective.

In order to maintain your perspective and the sense of control, you will want to limit the number of people pulling the strings because the more folks involved in decision-making, then the more problematic things become.  Not everyone is as diligent as you in your dealings.  Some people forget.  Some people are more lackadaisical.  If you do choose to involve a group to help plan, make sure they understand what you expect of them and that they are able to commit the time necessary to plan a great wedding.

Before we get into details, there is one golden rule.  Start planning early! Give yourself at least 12-16 months to make everything come together.  If you do this, time will be your ally rather than your enemy. 

Bell Tower on 34th

Let’s take it from the top.  Receptions are the most memorable part of any wedding.  There are usually two things that happen at every wedding—laughing and crying.  The question I have for you is:  What sort of mood do you want to create for you and your guests?  Festive?  Intimate?  Reflective?  The location and ambiance of your reception hall should reflect your personality and the wedding theme. 

Wedding receptions can be held anywhere in the world depending on what you want.  You can rent hotel banquet rooms, local party halls, country-clubs, private gardens, restaurants, or historic buildings with banquet halls, among others.  If you’re planning an outdoor reception or ceremony, always make sure you check the weather for that time of year.  Have a backup plan in case of rain or other weather.  Flexible reception halls offer this.  If it rains, they have another beautiful space on-property for you to exchange vows.  Many private gardens do this, especially in the Southern United States.
Many reception halls are booked up to a year in advance.

Bella Terrazza
Once you know your date, the first thing you should do is compile a list of potential wedding reception halls in Houston.  Understand that the time of year and the place you choose affects the price.  Everyone wants a spring wedding so the prices normally go up this time of year.  The Internet is a great place to find information on wedding reception halls.  Always visit the location because pictures can be deceiving.  Most halls give pricing and menu capabilities.  Take note of these in a notebook so you can refer to it later without having to go back to the website.

After you build your list, contact the hall to set up a time to tour.  Bring a notebook with you so you can take notes from the hall manager—you will be amazed at how important the little details become when deciding on the right wedding reception halls in Houston TX.

The Corinthian
Be sure there are no additional fees or charges.  Many halls charge an arm and a leg if you go over your allotted time, so it is always better to plan for a longer wedding reception rather than a shorter one. Also ask if your hall requires you to use with their caterer or if they allow you to bring in an outside caterer.  You will be surprised at some of the answers here.  Also be sure to ask if your Houston banquet hall charges for the room as well as the food.  Oftentimes, there can be many hidden costs so be sure to get a price breakdown for every single thing the reception hall can potentially charge you for. 

Once you find the perfect hall, book it as soon as you can!  Most reception halls are booked more than a year in advance so make sure you pull the trigger when you know which hall is to be yours!  Good luck and happy planning!